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Reviewed on 15th May 2004.



By Fairmount Park

This Ormskirk 3-piece are like a band from a mould - Ash's head, Blink 182's arms, Sum 41's torso, Jimmy Eat Worlds legs... you get the picture. Only problem... cheap production line! The edges are frayed and the features are not exactly distinct. For the main part it's by the book punk/pop, loose around the edges due to the lack of playing profficiency and short on inspiration, no doubt due to the lack of listening to people other than the aforementioned frat punkers.

You can almost hear the drummer looking at the singer for clues as he stutters along. The bass farts through out in the classic way only demos are capable of delivering but lead singer Sarah actually holds a note pretty well through her teenage angst lyrics.

Best bit: closer "Beautiful Song" which actually conveys some of the feeling covered in its lyrics. Worst bit: "What if God was a wasp?" need I say more?

A youthful attempt that with some nurturing should see some genuine competition for the 182 / 41 / 90210's of this world.



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On 16th June 2004 at 10:05 Anonymous 2727 wrote...

im the singer from the band, and although i wont usually argue with a bad review, i feel that this review is so biased to the genre of music that its a joke.
the stuff we play is not all pop punk, which if you'd listened to the demo you'd have noticed. if you dont like the style of music, which you slag off in the first paragraph then why are you reviewing the cd? and if you have to review it, then why not take it from the point of view of someone who likes this genre? this review was a waste of time, as there is little or nothing constructive in it, you just seem to spend your time getting at the type of music that we play rather than the music itself.


On 16th June 2004 at 10:19 Anonymous 30 wrote...

I don't think it's me who's missed the point! Incidentally I own and enjoy music by Blink 182, Ash and Jimmy Eat World. My references were to your competence and not your chosen style. Once again...if you don't want a bad review don't send it in!


On 16th June 2004 at 17:49 Anonymous 2727 wrote...

ive not picked on anything about competance, and i do think its every reviewers right to pick on bands as much as they want, but everyone who has read that review has said that your obviously not into the music, and thats putting aside the comments about competance. you seem to pick on the genre itself and the content of the music more than anything else.



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