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Reviewed on 17th May 2004.



By Senser

Emerging in the late 80s Senser were one of the first bands to bring us rap-metal. As innovators of the scene they were doing something new and refreshing. White guy rapping to rock music? That's crazy man. Well it's 2004 and after numerous break ups and various other issues the band are back with only their third album. Sadly while they have been away rap-metal is no longer so refreshing. Infact it smells worse than a port-a-loo thats been in the sun all day at Leeds festival. Also like a port-a-loo at Leeds festival some people may get the urge to burn it.

All the usual rap metal necessities are here. People rapping in American accents even though they are English, even more amusing is hearing a woman do it on some of the tracks. Then you've got the DJ Lethal equivalent who scratches away. Throw in some big riffs and you've got any number of nu-metal bands but also in this case Senser.

It's not all bad though. These guys have been doing it for a long time and they are far better than other similar bands from the genre such as Linkin Park. "Return To Zombie Island" is one of the few highlights from the album, there's a good mix of maximum riffage meeting with quirky sounds and effects. But good points are very rare though. Tool's Maynard James Keenan makes an appearance in the form of a sample on "A Conscious War" which is more of an electronic skit then a metal track.

This isn't a bad album by no means; it's just nothing special. If this had been released in 1994 then maybe it would be regarded as amazing. But this is just grave robbing of a genre that was dead and buried years ago. Rap Metal is so last millennium man. Also for those who despise nu-metal then blame these guys.



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