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A Cautionary Tale by Melodyme

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Reviewed on 19th May 2004.


A Cautionary Tale

By Melodyme

"Through a mutual like of Ben Folds Five" is not a line that commonly crops up in a bands biog, but true to their word Melodyme serve plenty of pia-pia-piano. Wandering up and down scales in the verses and playing it straight in the chorus on a piano that belongs in a smoky New York bar. The oddity of this cautionary tale is the mixed-up combination of styles ranging from Soundgarden vocal styles on "For You" to 1970's Billy Joel piano jaunts as with "Song for the Salesman", to moody Metallica played on piano of "God of the Self". All of it well played and all of it just missing a strong melody.

Although there's nothing inoffensive, there's equally nothing memorable and as a collection it strikes of a band still finding their style. Any sentiments of sounding like Ben Folds Five have long since been polluted by one of the members rockier inclinations.

As students they inevitably have a mate who plays violin and she arrives in time to offer the best bit of the whole release with some proficient string accompaniment on closer "Emma". But it's as different a song again as its predecessors and has little lasting effect.



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On 20th May 2004 at 01:28 Anonymous 2584 wrote...

very much a matter of opinion me thinks.


On 20th May 2004 at 07:22 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Whereas the obituary column tends to include a lot of names and facts.


On 20th May 2004 at 17:51 Anonymous 2586 wrote...

Well I for one like Melodyme great deal. But if anybody else would like some "proficient string accompaniment", contact lucyfrankel@yahoo.co.uk. Specialist in all styles.


On 9th January 2014 at 01:01 Anonymous 44031 wrote...

Saw these guys a few times and it was a great sound, powerfully and proficiently delivered. The bass player was a babe too



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