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Talk Shows On Mute by Incubus

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Reviewed on 25th May 2004.


Talk Shows On Mute

By Incubus

It's been a funny few years for Incubus. From the dizzy heights of success with the mall-metal of their breakthrough album 'Morning View', to nu-metal's untimely demise and losing their bassist, the good looks of lead singer Brandon Boyd aren't the only thing that draws people to them any more.

Strikingly detached from their usual mix of scratching, power chords and big booming drums, all matched to Mr. Boyd's soaring vocals, 'Talk Shows On Mute' is a rather low key, understated affair. Featuring the pretty guitar riffs, the odd flutter of synth and the pitch perfect vocals, this is a much better offering from the usual maelstrom of heavy guitar thrashing that seems to plague modern rock music.

Taken from their new album, 'A Crow Left Of The Murder', Incubus are now showing us their darker side. Even Brandon keeps his shirt on in the bloody irritating video to this single, and has done to the previous release, the conservative bashing 'Megalomaniac'.

Not afraid to show a more sensitive approach, Incubus have here a hidden gem in a collection of testosterone fuelled, angst metal. With the chorus of "come one, come all, to 1984" it's plain to see that these boys are just a little pissed at the current state of US politics, but then again, who isn't? And whilst bands like System of a Down and Asian Dub Foundation make firmer statements and have clearer ideas, theirs is music swamped in politics. And here's a once youthful band, maturing at their own speed and finding their voice in that same genre.

It probably won't save the world, but at least they're not afraid to try.



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