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Stories / Sunshine by The Holiday Plan

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Reviewed on 26th May 2004.


Stories / Sunshine

By The Holiday Plan

Summer is almost here. The sun is beating down and the ground is starting to slowly toast in the scorching heat. Drunken students coming back home for the holidays after weeks of exams. The aptly titled band The Holiday Plan, with their even more suitably titled debut single "Stories/Sunshine", provide us with a potential soundtrack to the summer.

Comparisons have been made to fellow British rockers Hundred Reasons which is obvious when you initially here "Stories" but on further inspection it becomes apparent that their music carries a greater weight than that of their UK counterparts and that it shouldn't take too long before they overtake them in the race to be top dogs in the British rock scene.

Second track "Sunshine" is easier on the ear and is a fine example of emo being taken to the next level. This is a step forward for the genre instead of a step sideways. Infectious like a Weezer song but packs the punch of anything by Fugazi.

So slap on the sun tan lotion, put this in your CD player and let the summer fly by.



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On 28th May 2004 at 09:58 Anonymous 30 wrote...

This is one of the bands on MTV's "Breaking point". All the stuff I've seen on the program has been really uninspiring "heard it before" stuff. Be interesting to actually hear the finished single. I'm sure it will be given plenty of airplay on MTV2...because they don't have a vested interest nooooo!


On 21st June 2004 at 13:03 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

4 stars!? What was I smoking? This deserves 3 stars at best. I didn't realise at the time but the lead singer has an irritating voice. Almost like he has trouble speaking.



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