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Thunder + Lightning by Modey Lemon

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Reviewed on 29th May 2004.


Thunder + Lightning

By Modey Lemon

Garage rock duo/trio Modey Lemon burst out of Pittsburgh to not only kick out the jams but to actually boot those jams firmly in their jammy balls. This is 11 tracks of filthy, sleazy rock that oozes gallons of roll.

Thunder + Lightning is almost a dedication to all the highlights of rock from the past thirty years. Whether it be the Black Sabbath styled epic "Black Flamingo" with it's dark, bleak riffs coupled with distant screaming vocals, or the Jimi Hendrix Experience that is "Poisonous Ink Clouds" this is pure rock and roll manner.

The album screams out of the speakers with "Crows" which is a modern day equivalent to "Born in 69" by Rocket From The Crypt. Invigorated, intense drumming, huge chunky tunes, this is the sound of a band going crazy in a studio and loving every second of it.

Like most albums though Thunder + Lightning isn't all killer. There are a couple of no brainer songs that wreak of laziness and with this band the songs are either exceptional or below average. This becomes apparent as we head towards the middle of the album with "Electric Sorcerer" which tries to mix garage rock with electronics but the result is messy and doesn't make for pleasant listening. Thankfully the album doesn't drift off into a world of crapness but instead immediately picks up again with "Tongues (everybody's got me)" with its deep fuss bass which tumbles through the speakers.

"Ants in my Hand" sees the band take a new direction to the rest of the album, using distorted vocals and whooshing sound effects that role between your ears to provide a break from the band's usual style.

So it's a mixed bag we've got here ladies and gentlemen. I recommend you all put your hand in but who knows what you'll find. For some it'll be a bag of golden musical nuggets, for others it may be a bag of sheep poo.



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On 30th May 2004 at 15:34 Anonymous 883 wrote...

oooooh, you called Jimi Hendrix 'Jimmy'- noooo!


On 30th May 2004 at 17:12 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

what are you talking about


On 30th May 2004 at 18:11 Anonymous 883 wrote...

ahhhh, you changed it. excellent.



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