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A Violent Gift by Roachville

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Reviewed on 31st May 2004.


A Violent Gift

By Roachville

Music by Roachville is dark, detrimental and destructive. For those who like their ears to bleed then this is the CD for you. For those who clutch their ears when System of a Down play then you better go away and hide in the corner.

This is the fourth EP from the band and as the title suggests it's not the friendliest music in the world. The riffs are packed with detest and loathing. A mix between Slayer and old school Sepultura, almost as if Kerry King were standing side by side with Max Cavalera.

The drumming on tracks such as "DV8" and Miscreant" is like vintage Dave Lombardo before and during his time in Fantomas with fellow music loon Mike Patton. This is loud, punishing and unforgiving. Those who like their music dark will revel in the world that Roachville create.

For me the Raging Speedhorn like vocals of front man Wayne Cassar are just a little too much to take. I've got no problem with guys shouting but when they start snarling and barking like a dog over music it starts to put me off.

Maybe I'm just a pussy. Anyway I'm off to listen to some Mayhem.



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