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1,2,3... 5! EP by The Needles

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Reviewed on 1st June 2004.


1,2,3... 5! EP

By The Needles

Pure pop punkers The Needles hail from Aberdeen and yet despite such remote parts they've managed to lay claim to a "Tipped by the NME" tag... well who hasn't?

This 4 song swipe is packed with fizzy-pop overdosed punk melodies and the obligatory moog whistles. Straight out of the catchy department, opener "1,2,3...5" belts in and out in a throw away 2 mins. But it is on the far less disposable "Panic on Easy Street" that the band show some pedigree - this is pure Elvis Costello right down to the melodies and vocal sound. Don't tell the kids that it's the same as dad's music collection and trouble could be avoided!

Equally so is the excellent Beach Boys rip off "Beautiful Dream" which washes around you with dreamy waves of surf guitar. The glitter ball literally shines out of the CD player. Then it's all back to the bite size concentrated punk-pop for closer "Hurt".

Nothing particularly remarkable and nothing you haven't heard before = safe bet for NME tip and dance floor pogo's at your local Indie disco, but whether The Needles have a sharp enough point will take some more proving yet.



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