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Shoulder 2 Shoulder by Envoy

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Reviewed on 2nd June 2004.


Shoulder 2 Shoulder

By Envoy

Released on the Glasgow based Soma label, home of thinking techno and house; this latest release follows a well-trodden and successful path.

Marrying burbling electronica and filthy beats, the album takes you from Derrick May techno to H-Foundation funk, with the whole debut perpetually infused with integrity and soul. However, it is third track 'Move on' which really kick-starts the album, the 29 piece orchestra massaging the blitzkrieg beats into an early Gus Gus funk. Elsewhere, 'Shoulder 2 Shoulder' brings a sexy saxophone to the party, evoking Harry Romero, Balearic beats and the sunblissed Terrace.

However, this is an original and highly innovative debut, borrowing but always expanding into a higher state of consciousness. The sexy tech funk of 'Night Moves' really seals the deal though. Sounding pulverising and brain-cell destroying on a stereo, one can only imagine the head rush this would instigate at a sweaty club at 6 in the morning.

Whilst some tracks suffer due to the relentless beats and robotic staccato, the heart and soul of Hope Grant brings a real warmth and human quality to the album, providing the soundtrack to many a blistering summer.



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