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Chocolate Fireguard presents... Interesting Flavours by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 14th June 2004.


Chocolate Fireguard presents... Interesting Flavours

By Various Artists

If, like me, you're sick and tired of the tedious monotony of modern rap and hip hop music, then you'll probably like to know about this CD. A dizzying mix of breaks, scratches and loops, 'Interesting Flavours' does exactly what it says on the tin.

From Freddy Fresh to Bentley Rhythm Ace via Godessa's slick rap and Slowpho's Indian samples, this CD is really something to shout about. Sixteen tracks of big, funky breaks; this is manna from heaven as far as I'm concerned. It's about time some hip hop/ breakbeat starting making some noise, and Chocolate Fireguard have their hands on the megaphone. With the inspired vocal and woodwind sampling on 'Little Miss Selfish (Awayteam remix)' by The Bluefoot Project, the guitar twang of 'The Real Pro' by Freddy Fresh and the atmospheric pad sweeps on 'Left 2 Live 4' by Jason Sparks, it's a reminder of how interesting, diverse and eclectic this kind of music can be.

Album highlights are everywhere from the breakneck beats and Indian feeling on 'Wow!' by the aforementioned Slowpho, to the meaty, Bonham- esque breaks on Kava Kava's 'TIC' and the delightfully breezy 'Loop of Love' by Bentley Rhythm Ace, this is a CD that just keeps on giving.

Just listen to the opening drum break on 'Bank Job (Boys from the Hudd remix)' by Kava Kava to know what I'm on about. If mainstream rap nowadays reminds you of the piss weak orange squash you used to drink as a kid (i.e. diluted, tasteless and totally generic), then this is the motherfucking orange. Sorry, got carried away there, but you know what I mean.

It's hard not to like some of the tracks on here, and whilst some of them start to drag a bit after a while, or lack that certain spark, the good stuff more than makes up for the shortcomings of others. Tracks like 'Sous Titre' by Ca (La Cedille!) is jazzy French rap at its slickest and its finest, and final track 'Smooth Vibe' by Practical Headz sounds like moody jazz infused breakbeat circa 1999.

Maybe a bit overlong, and maybe a few duff tracks which detract from the otherwise spot on mix of the eclectic, the interesting and the plain weird, but overall 'Interesting Flavours' is something everyone should try.



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The Bluefoot Project

The Bluefoot Project are an amalgamation of urban heads fusing many different styles into a vocal-led, beat-driven, 21st century soulful funk with nods in the right direction to reggae, hip hop, gospel and leftfield.

Practical Headz

hip hop

Kava Kava

Kava Kava are a DIY funked up live dance rock act with soulful vocals, guitars, electronica, brass, strings and beats. Toured across the USA, Europe and China and featured in a load of film and TV.