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Duality by Slipknot

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Reviewed on 14th June 2004.



By Slipknot

Ok, so Slipknot may be nine idiots who thrash about in boiler suits and "scary" masks. They might have a back catalogue of songs so artistically titled "People = ****" and "Sic" and there might be a thousand people that hate them to one fan, but admit it, you have a soft spot for them don't you? No? Ok then...

Whether you do or don't, they are back with a new single and a new album, and with an Arena tour with Slayer booked in the fall, they are coming back. But surprisingly, this isn't as bad as it sounds. "Duality" starts with typical lyrics from vocalist/general angry man Corey Taylor, but as soon as the guitar scrapes away and the drums start to pound again Slipknot really do prove themselves to be more than an out dated loud "nu-metal" band. With arguably the most talented, guitarist and drummer in the world scratching out riffs and beats like this to complete chaos from the other members, whilst managing to somehow leave plenty of accessibility to the song you have to wonder how they do it. Simply put, one of the most unusually exciting songs this year thus far.



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On 14th June 2004 at 20:26 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Most talented guitarist and drummer in the world?


On 14th June 2004 at 23:51 Anonymous 89 wrote...

If you've heard the guitarists solo work you'd agree, He's limited with Slipknot, but he has learnt many different techniques which would suprise you and is immensely talented, he's just not had chance to be unleashed with Slipknot, although the latest album he has had a little more room to breathe

i think the drum's speak for themselves really ;)


On 15th June 2004 at 08:36 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

I'd put Danny Carey of Tool ahead of Mr Murder doll


On 15th June 2004 at 10:11 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Tico Torres, Steve White, Vinnie Coaliuta, Chad Smith, Virgil Donati, Zoro, Andy Gangadeen.....


On 15th June 2004 at 10:16 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Are you trying to suggest something?


On 15th June 2004 at 13:01 Anonymous 89 wrote...

I'd also have Danny carey first too, but Joey is one of the best drummers, despite the band being a bit too much for me sometimes


On 15th June 2004 at 13:03 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Though none of them compare to Meg White. She is amazing. Her style of drumming just blows my mind


On 15th June 2004 at 14:18 Anonymous 251 wrote...

I'd like to blow her mind. Kurt Cobain style.



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