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Racecar Is Racecar Backwards by Reuben

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Reviewed on 16th June 2004.


Racecar Is Racecar Backwards

By Reuben

Reuben are steadily building a big following of acne covered, baggy jean, black t-shirt and chain wearing angry young boys and girls. It's with good reason, slotting neatly into the Nu-Brit-Rock arena with the likes of Funeral for A Friend, Hell is for Heroes and Hundred Reasons. The biog boasts a blend of Foo Fighters with Faith No More and despite the pop sensibilities of the former it's certainly more likely to please fans of the latter with plenty of brooding WOOOOAAR's and GNOOOAR's.

There's certainly plenty for the fans to get their brace covered teeth into, but for most 16 tracks may be just too much and there are definite occasions where the focus wanders off-track with too many fiddly time changes and show-off drum fills. It's on the singles particularly the excellent "Freddy Kreuger" and "Let's Stop Hangin Out" where the attention is truly grabbed. For those prepared to put in the listening time they will also discover some beauties elsewhere such as the explosive "Horror Show", the relatively epic "Missing Fingers", the Feeder-esque only not as obvious "Song for Saturday", the power-rock "Moving to Blackwater", and the Nirvana tribute "Parties Break Hearts".

At 10 tracks this would be an outstanding debut in its field with a potential to break out to a bigger audience, but the greedy addition of 6 more is just enough to prohibit. Still a definite purchase for any self respecting ceiling staring parent hater!



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