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This Is The Tomb Of The Juice by Republic of Loose

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Reviewed on 19th June 2004.


This Is The Tomb Of The Juice

By Republic of Loose

Sounding pretty similar to one of Josh Homme's myriad of side projects, Republic of Loose are actually closer to jazz/soul or Dr John-esque funk than dirty, scuzzy rock. Bouncy floor filler drums and fast paced guitar strumming all matched to jazzy keyboard stabs and booming bass are what this Republic is all about.

Apart from the bluesy and brilliantly titled 'Dial Jesus For Sweetness', the majority of this record is pretty straightforward soulful jazz music. However, there are a few examples of the most irritating genre alive on this record. Coffee table/dinner party background music.

'Hold Up!' is the worst, a mid-tempo funk piece but with sub par Gonzales-esque fast talking-cum-rapping over it. That's not slander against Chilly G who I happen to very much enjoy, but it sounds in the same vein, although never managing to reach the dizzy heights of a song that bares lines like "These days bad taste is so delectable / and the crowd is so suggestible" - indeedy.

There's nothing much wrong with this CD, it's just that there's nothing much outstanding here, or anything that's wildly exciting. Highlights of the album include the laid back funk of 'Girl I'm Gonna Fuck You Up', the almost-hip-hop beats and riffs of 'Goofy Love' and the high paced anthem 'Tell More Lies'.

It's obvious that Republic of Loose have that bluesy streak in them that culminates in 'Sweet Cola of Mercy', with Gomez circa 'Bring It On' style vocals, but without that raw fuzzed up energy that Gomez had back then. Tracks like 'Fuck Everybody' and 'Six Sober Sounds' sound a lot better than they actually do, but then again, there's nothing blatantly offensive to anyone's taste in music. Which can't be said about some of today's guitar based groups who seem intent to rip off their old Stones records again and again (ahem, Jet).

It's funky, it's soulful, but it's pretty bland. Any jazz students requiring suitable background noise for a house party/dinner party should investigate.



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On 28th June 2004 at 13:53 Anonymous 2798 wrote...

Was the reviewer listening to the same album which the observer rated sooo highly. Or NME, or Hotpress, or Irelands RTE Guide. Have another listen Gav. the catchy rythmns grow on you!


On 28th June 2004 at 13:53 Anonymous 2798 wrote...

Should see 'em live, they come into their own yet again there!!


On 28th June 2004 at 13:55 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

I wouldn't listen to what the NME says.


On 28th June 2004 at 20:28 Anonymous 883 wrote...

sorry, wasn't into it much. i did give it a fair review tho, didn't say it was terrible. just not that great...



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