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Zitilites by Kashmir

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Reviewed on 25th June 2004.



By Kashmir

Way back in March 2004 I had the pleasure of reviewing Kashmir's debut UK release in the form of the sublime Selection of 2 Lilies EP. I can recall describing their music as alluring and intelligent and was almost jumping with joy when their new album came bursting through my letter box begging me to review it.

Two of the standout tracks on the album also happen to be on the previous EP so to save me copying and pasting what I've said before I recommend you just check out my previous comments on "Rocket Brothers" and "Melpomene". It's lazy, I know, but no point in repeating myself.

Though I will now add that after hearing "Melpomene" again after a few months it is now one of my favourite tracks of the year so far. Featuring agonising vocals and tear jerking lyrics before ripping into a hard hitting musical soundscape.

Now one theme that does seem to follow the band around is that they are often compared to Britain's own Radiohead during their OK Computer phase. When listening to tracks like "Petite Machine" or "New Cold" its easy to hear in his vocal style who lead singer Kasper admires. Also like with most songs on OK Computer they are accessible, yet on every further listen they provide the listener with new sounds and effects that they didn't notice before. This isn't a band trying to sound like Radiohead it's a band producing clever and emotion filled music that you wish deep down Radiohead had gone onto make instead of unexpectedly changing direction. This is the band Radiohead could have been.

Every song is special in a different way and I'd be surprised if most people didn't find something on Zitilites that they didn't love. Whether it be the piano filled "The Push", the atmospheric, electronic ridden "Bodmill Pill" or the pure rock out that is "Small Poems of Old Friend". Each song is a showcase for Kasper's vocal prowess, music writing ability and his dedication to pen lyrics that would make Morrissey say "my gosh thats clever".

Denmark now has three great exports; Peter Schmeichel, Smoked Bacon and Kashmir.



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