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The eye of every storm by Neurosis

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Reviewed on 26th June 2004.


The eye of every storm

By Neurosis

After developing a cult following in the USA in the last few years it's a suprise Neurosis have never been a big name on UK Shores. The last release from them featured ex-Swans vocalist Jarboe, and instantly won them recognition on an underground level developing a rather large fanbase yet still maintaining to stand out of the mainstream quite gladly. The latest attempt from the band is no different than the previous work in the sense that the Neurosis sound is still there but sounding a lot stronger than previous records dared. The negativity that vocalist Steve Von Till seems to effortlessly create is still Neurosis' strongest factor and on "The eye of every storm" Von Till manages to excel even further, taking a song like the album's nakesake, and completely flooding the listener with dark chants one minute, and slowly leading you on quietly the next. "Shelter" is also a typical offering from the band, managing to slowly take a quiet guitar and turn the song into a dark riff driven powerbeast, and then fading back quietly again into the next song without the use of a single word showing the band don't rely on the vocals to create the mood.

The real reward in "The eye of the storm" usually comes towards the end of a song, but with song lengths usually ranging at around seven minutes at least, you are left often with a similar feeling every time a song stumbles along slowly. When Neurosis do take a song over however, they hit you like no other band, managing to make a previously slow effortless song over power you and leave you grinning at the noise that follows. Songs such as opening number "Burn" manage to pick up almost from nowhere as Von Till leads you into the noise only for the guitars to pick you up off your feet and take you to another level as the drums beat along in a frenzy.

Unfortunately though, the album does lack individuality somewhat from one song to the next, and this has been a major fault for the band on the last few records. Neurosis can take you on an epic journey with every song, but every time a song sparks up from the dead you are left with a song that sounded eeringly like the one before, and the one before that. "The eye of every storm" is an album that once you discover, you can really take the time to enjoy, but many listeners will not want to be sucked into the music, and unfortunately for Neurosis, their biggest weakness is not being able to consistantly create their doomy epic songs with enough character, not daring to experimenting with different moods, leaving you feeling rather gloomy yourself once the album has stopped spinning. If you're looking for an album to change your life you won't find it here, but if you're looking for an atmospheric slaying album you won't be disappointed.



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