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Crash! Indie Anthems 1982-2004 by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 29th June 2004.


Crash! Indie Anthems 1982-2004

By Various Artists

1982-2004 22 years of indie? Did indie really begin in 1982? Who cares, don't let the title stand in the way of this rather good (but rather predictable) compilation.

You can't really complain about the track list of 40 songs featured on this double disc and if you're someone who frequents club nights where pints are served in plastic cups and you can get a double spirit with change from 2 you'll probably know the words to most of the songs on this CD.

With English summer somewhere around the corner who could resist hearing Violent Femmes-"Blister in the Sun" or the Libertines-"Dont look back into the sun"? And who could be tired of hearing The Cure-"In Between Days" or the Farm-"Groovy Train"? This album is pretty much guaranteed to keep your friends happy at a beer-fuelled BBQ. But on the other hand the average person Telstar had in mind when they released this probably owns the majority of the albums these songs came from. If you're looking for a birthday present then Crash! is a pretty safe, unoffensive option.

One disappointment though has to be the selection of more recent songs. Although I do like Franz Ferdinand (Take Me Out) & Kings of Leon (Molly's Chambers), Electric Six? Is this really one of the best 'anthems' of recent years?



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