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Long Face by Minus

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Reviewed on 2nd July 2004.


Long Face

By Minus

As a fan of all things from the icy plains of Iceland, it's good to see Minus landing on my doorstep. The biggest band in the country, and most probably the loudest, Minus certainly do not disappoint on this, their latest offering from their hugely successful album 'Halldór Laxness', which is named after a massively influential and Noble prize winning Icelandic author.

Using dynamics to their fullest, yet without losing that loud, head crushing scuzzy riffage that we've come to expect from Krummi and co; 'The Long Face' is another inventive, intelligent and very catchy piece of hard rock. From the melancholic and jangly opening, to the chorus' insanely hard edge, Mínus know how to rock, and boy do they. So much so that their support slot with Metallica in Reykjavik has sold out, and I can't imagine anyone paying to see Lars Ulrich.

Lead singer Krummi has one of those voices that's so powerful when the music is quiet, and yet so ferocious when Frosti and Bjarni's guitars go to 11. And when they rock, they go all the way. This, let's not forget, is a band which has songs called 'Desperately Seeking Satan', 'My Name Is Cocaine' and 'Let's Make Love On A Black Sunday'. This is single no.3 from their latest (and also third) album, and are currently on their third tour of the UK, this time as headliners (having supported Amen and Biffy Clyro before).

It's catchy, it's hard and it's so damn Icelandic.



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