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Natural Flair by Nic Armstrong

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Reviewed on 4th July 2004.


Natural Flair

By Nic Armstrong

Sounding about as fresh as a builder's armpit, Nic Armstrong strolls onto the musical scene citing the Beatles as a major influence in his music.

On the first listen of "Natural Flair" it becomes obvious that not only is this artist influenced by the Beatles but that his music is an attempt, and a poor one at that, to replicate the musical finesse of his heros. Both A-side and B-side "Down Home Girl" would sit comfortably in one of those "Best 60s Album in the World ever" CDs that always appear around Father's Day.

For those who think Oasis are a Beatles rip off then you should check this guy out to see how it's really done. Think John Lennon without any heart.

Of course for anyone who hasn't heard any music by the Beatles then this may come as a breath of fresh air. The occasional Lennon-like scream is thrown in, as well as some rather sweet harmonies, and the chorus itself is catchy enough. But if I want to hear the Beatles I'll put on Revolver and if I want to hear a crappy Beatles tribute act then I'll go by an album by The Punkles.



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