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Please Describe Yourself by Dogs Die In Hot Cars

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Reviewed on 11th July 2004.


Please Describe Yourself

By Dogs Die In Hot Cars

What's this I see before? An album by a band that are currently being over-hyped down at the NME offices, nothing new there. However unlike the Ordinary Boys this band actually have some talent.

Opening with the sweet as a nut single "Godhopping" with its piano tinkling, harpsichord filled, dance inducing melody which can only be a good thing for a band. What then follows is some quintessential, dare I say Brit-pop. Whether it be the ode to being lazy that is "Lounger" or the catchier than hell "I love You 'Cause I have to" which just has a smidgen of ska in it. Not enough to encourage skanking on the dance floor thankfully.

Tracks like "Paul Newman's Eyes" are a modern day dedication to Madness. The band seem to show signs of the same kind of quirkiness that made Suggs and co so big in their heyday.

"Modern Woman" is the standout track packed with rich harmonies and thick lashings of organ. This is an album bursting with so many potential hit singles. Each one sees the band head off in slightly different directions suggesting that their follow up album may be as unpredictable as each song on this record.

The only time Dogs Die In Hot Cars seem to go off the musical rails is on fourth track "Celebrity Sanctum" which seems to drag on for an eternity as the longest track on the album, which includes references to the one and only Catherine Zeta-Jones. However it lacks the pace and energy of the rest of the CD.

While this record isn't going to stop any wars or cause a revolution it's still a solid debut from a band with a very bright future.



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On 13th July 2004 at 12:27 Anonymous 48 wrote...

I just saw Dogs Die In Hot Cars at the T in the park festival. Here's my review, song by song:

Song 1: Sounds like XTC only not as good.
Song 2: Sounds like XTC only not as good.
Song 3: Sounds like XTC only not as good. etc. etc. I could go on....


On 13th July 2004 at 13:03 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

I sense a pattern



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