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Union Of Souls by 3 Colours Red

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Reviewed on 13th July 2004.


Union Of Souls

By 3 Colours Red

After a two year respite, 3 Colours Red are back with their third album, The Union of Souls. Working with Funeral for a Friend producer Joe Gibb and signed to Mighty Atom I'd be interested to see how this has influenced their sound.

The opening and title track of the album is introspective, mellow vocalled and shows how the band have spent their absence regrouping and finding their focus.

Repeat to Fade is much heavier and far more reminiscent of earlier stuff, like Sixty Mile Smile but with a contemporary feel that should help win some new fans. The chorus is simple yet catchy but for some reason makes me think of the Lost Prophets.

Recent single, The World is Yours is more poppy and much more radio friendly but I'm not overly impressed with it. I think it's a bit dull and drags in the middle. I really think Desensitise would have made a far better single, it just seems to flow better.

There seems to be a pattern emerging with The Union of Souls - one good track followed by a weaker one. Counterfeit Jesus would be great if it wasn't for the awful cheerleader like chant of C-O-C-A-I-N-E at the end. Why they thought to stick this bit at the end of a chorus I do not know, but it doesn't do the song any favours.

Made in Indonesia is another reflective rocky track that talks about an obsession with image which could almost be a dig at the garage rock scene of the minute.

On a similar but much heavier note Land of Debris starts with quotes from Prose, Poetry, Politics 1942-1992 by Harold Pinter before diving into the chorus followed by more figures of civil war death tolls.

Lullaby is a much bouncier and almost cheerful ending to what is a bit of a hit and miss album. The Union of Souls has its good moments and then its not so good ones but I can't help liking it. 3 Colours Red show a new depth and with a UK tour looming it shouldn't be long before they're back in the spotlight.



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