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EP One by Nothing (Brighton)

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Reviewed on 16th July 2004.


EP One

By Nothing (Brighton)

The aptly titled "EP One" is the first of 3 that will be released over the next twelve months from Brighton debutants Nothing. It's Biffy Clyro meets Seafood: choppy quiet guitar and off kilter rhythms mixed with mighty crunchy guitar riffing. Lead vocalist Piers Blewett is a grade A student from the school of disaffected indie singing for boys, ensuring the overwhelming effect is one of cool dreary. A tactic that certainly did previous exponents such as Ride no harm at all.

The songs are plentiful in their ideas, riffs, beats and surprise pace changes, opener Dark White being a great advocate of the "quiet / loud / ooo rhythm change / quiet / even heavier bit" technique. It's inventive but it's all ultimately a little flat. The heavy bits do rock and yes quiet bits do chop but can you remember them?

As the songs push through into the similar paced "Rant" and the similar sounding "Will it hurt?" the tendency is to keep checking you are not still on track one. It's a symptom of the bands one bass, one guitar, two sounds recipe.

Plenty of promise and clearly the first part of a bigger picture, there is something about Nothing that will require further investigation before sentencing.



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