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Good News for People That Love Bad News by Modest Mouse

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Reviewed on 19th July 2004.


Good News for People That Love Bad News

By Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse aka Isaac Brock is a part of a curious story. He's been making, apparently great, music for over 10 years, back when Britpop was just starting to infiltrate our midst. This is quite astonishing since hardly anyone (including myself) had ever heard of this band until "Float On" started getting airplay a few months back. Maybe this is because this record is the first major label release under Sony for the band, or perhaps they never wanted to be this big until now. Whatever the reason, we have a lot of catching up to do.

If this album is anything to go by then don't be surprised to see his previous work being sought out en masse because this new album is a cracker. The band's sound is akin to the likes of Mercury Rev, Granddaddy and The Flaming Lips who have all released great albums between them over the years. Modest Mouse, on the evidence of this LP, can be counted alongside these once underground, now popular groups.

"Good News..." starts off with the swirling waltz of "The World at Large", which draws you in right from the outset. If you've only ever heard the single "Float On" then it's a comfortable beginning, not too dissimilar in style and a gentle introduction to the record. The big single is next and still sounds fantastic, and undoubtedly has put Modest Mouse on the map in the UK. You just can't help singing along, "We'll all float on, ALRIGHT!"

From here the tracks just seem to get better and better, but also weirder and more confusing. You get the sense that Brock seems to have lived quite a colourful life, has a few issues and is completely mad. This all adds to the charm that makes up Modest Mouse, and you just keep finding yourself trying to unearth the story behind each of the 16 tracks. You can bet your bottom dollar there certainly is to each and every one, and this is reminiscent of how Tom Waits transfers his life experiences onto record.

This breakthrough album will bring Modest Mouse even more to the attention of more open-minded listeners who like their music different, and is good news for people that love good tunes.



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