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Little Thoughts by Bloc Party

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Reviewed on 21st July 2004.


Little Thoughts

By Bloc Party

From the opening of this song the bass drum hits every beat, the four on the floor providing the engine for the song. The offbeat guitar and the vocals all add in to give this song an energy that sucks you in harder than a $100 whore. The chorus' "I'll go back, if you ask" refrain sticks in your head like a pick axe, you'll be bouncing down the street singing this to yourself for days. There's a nice looseness to the whole thing, the frenetic pace giving it an edginess that adds to the overall style. The final bars break down into a 7/8 time signature that only acentuates this.

'Tulips' is an altogether slower affair. The slow beat and throbbing bass the heart of the song whilst the guitar slips over and above as the half spoken vocals hypnotise. It breaks out a little towards the end and provides a nice counterpoint to 'Little Thoughts'. The disco mix of 'Banquet' rounds things off. It's catchy but not as strong as its two preceding tracks and I would imagne the un-disco mix is much better.



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