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Reviewed on 22nd July 2004.



By The Shallow Call

The Shallow Call arrive surrounded by the type of over enthusiastic hyperbole which is usually reserved for world beaters like Radiohead, et al. But you know what? Most of the acclaim is deserved.

'Rouse The Rebels' is the sound of Arthur Lee and his Love brigade if they had arrived a few years later and actually cranked those guitars up. The impeccable backing vocals, the pitch perfect faux American accent and the slightly disturbed melody all combine to haunting effect. A lost 'Forever Changes' song if ever there was one.

'Mexico Blues' is The Coral with even more of a Sergio Leone complex. Mariachi brass flutters in the background, the subtle hints of guitar and the beautiful backing vocals make the most perfect soundtrack to any number of Americana flicks, be them westerns or Tarantino-esque gore fests. At 6:07, it isn't the most compact song in their cannon, but it's too damn irresistible to simply fade out at the four minute mark. Just you try and listen to this without suddenly having the urge to buy an oversized poncho and growing some stubble. Clint would be proud.

'Peace and Love (Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be)' should be given some sort of prize for its name alone, but the track itself is the kind of dizzyingly melodic guitar number that should have surfaced about 5 years ago. Although, come to think of it, with this new retro boom currently happening in the music industry, it seems about time that something as crystal clear and as persistently brilliant as this came along. Guitars cut through the steady pounding beat with reckless abandon, the feedback noises squeal and swoosh over the musical landscape like those fucked up flying dragon things in Lord of The Rings and that kind-of-trippy outro is bang on. Kinda like The Verve with less drugs.

At the risk of imitating all the other quotes on their press release, The Shallow Call are great. Line for line, song for song, The Shallow Call are a band with limitless ideas, great songwriting talent and above all, a solid band that can actually play. Also, unlike most bands, they know a good, clean mix when they hear it. Now, where's my copy of 'Forever Changes'?



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On 23rd July 2004 at 12:22 Anonymous 904 wrote...

Nice review! Where do I get a copy from?



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