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The Disfunktional EP by Emmet

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Reviewed on 25th July 2004.


The Disfunktional EP

By Emmet

Returning to the CD reviews page after a good few months absence is Emmet, the dance band it's OK to like. Whilst their last CD was heavy on the chilled, slinky house side, this one feels a lot edgier and with much more of a darker twist.

'Unreal' is as anthemic as it gets, with the screaming synths, the catchy hook and the up tempo beats. In fact, if you can picture Death In Vegas, but without the guitars, I'm sure this is what it would sound like.

'Future' has both feet in the dancefloor, and most definitely so. Dark synths thump and wail, beats pound and crash, and the atmospheric synthesised backdrop sweeps up, down and all around. It's interesting, dynamic, and a little different from all the other dance- related dirge out there.

The track then seamlessly blends into 'We Have Diffusion', a hands-in-the-air techno stomper. Now, being as how I don't usually listen to this stuff, I'm not liking it. But then again, I know people who do like this kinda stuff (namely my brother) who say it's pretty good. Imagine the soundtrack to one of those Brit flicks about drugged up weirdos who go out every night and end up fucked out of their skull, and this would be somewhere on that film for sure.

Thankfully, 'It Is' comes back to the steady, funky house that made their earlier CD so enjoyable. The synths are there again, wailing and soaring, the atmospheric pads sweep all around again, and the vocals are spot on. Maybe a little too close to Galaxy 105 for my personal taste, but I can appreciate the great production values and the slightly melancholic chord changes.

'Compressor #3' revisits that older sound again, with the funky guitar stabs and the steady, funky beats. This is more like it, the production sounds brilliant, and the tune itself is pretty damn classy.

My favourite though, is the grand finale - '1.2.3.' A funky hip hop break is the backdrop to some faint keys and pounding bass. The acoustic guitar and the vocals are inspired touches to a song that really defines Emmet as a group not wanting to be tied to one particular genre. Slow, funky and up beat, it's the perfect end.

Whereas people may class Emmet as simply a dance band, I think it's a little short sighted to lump them in with the absolute dross that also comes under that heading. They manage to encompass a whole genre's worth of ideas and sounds into one 6 track EP, so their output remains fresh, diverse and eclectic. Although you may not like some of it, at least they ain't afraid to give it a shot.



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