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The Dogs EP by Empire Dogs

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Reviewed on 26th July 2004.


The Dogs EP

By Empire Dogs

Empire Dogs are not here to change the world. Nor are they here to frighten the pants off us like next door's Rottweiler. They are, however, here to show us that (1) a Hammond organ can make a fair amount of racket, and that (2) summer is finally here. Opener 'The Dogs' possesses a riff which loops-the-loop from keys, to guitar, to your brain, where it then stays firmly put.

'Gotta join us now!' they bark and, although not entirely convinced by Sung-Kyu Choi's Regular Joe voice, I think 'Ahhh, go on then'. And, going on then, I discover that these boys are really a rather good bundle of furry domestic fun.

Forthcoming single 'Oh Lord!' has Jet's party vibe except here there actually IS a party, complete with applause and hooters to finish with and, as opposed to the Aussies, these lads have probably had a good wash behind the ears within the last millennium.

Littered with chant-a-long choruses, generous sprinklings of handclaps and further audience participation opportunities, 'Oh Lord!' itself employs the use of a 'Hey hey hey', a 'La la la la la' and even a 'Lo lo lo' for the slightly more adventurous.

But Empire Dogs don't just do light, sparkly bounces for the easily-pleased - after all, 'Assistant Lover' begins to push its luck. It's a good job, then, that it's followed by the beautifully-crafted 'Empire S.' in which Sung-Kyu Choi's vocals morph into a powerful roar over shredded guitars. But just as you're about to build a stadium in your back garden and humbly raise a lighter, it goes all weak and wet with a whimpering fade-out.

Still, this EP shows promise, and whilst these pups are unlikely to win any Best-In-Shows, they'll happily cuddle up to you on the sofa for a while.



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On 14th August 2004 at 10:19 Anonymous 2833 wrote...

You should write more reviews, they're so random but in a brilliant way! Looking forward to tonight! Just read he review on them, they sound superb!



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