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Starcrossed by Ash

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Reviewed on 29th July 2004.



By Ash

As with every Ash album there's always a couple of laidback slow numbers to listen to. Over the years we've had Goldfinger, Oh Yeah and Sometimes. Now it's the turn of "Starcrossed" to supposedly have festival crowds across Europe holding their cheap lighters skyward like antennas to heaven.

According to the press release this song will make my tear ducts full to busting. I assume I'm meant to find the song so beautiful that I break down and cry. Sadly though this is Ash and while Tim Wheeler's vocals sound better than I've ever heard them before he still seems to lack any meaning in his voice. Just because a song runs at a slow pace does not suddenly make it emotional. It's all in the delivery and as usual with the band this is poor.

The chorus, as with most Ash songs is pure pop but it is hardly memorable and I can't imagine many people at Leeds festival singing along to it. Also the guitar solo in "Starcrossed" brings back memories of some cheesy, vomit inducing, Bon Jovi ballad.

File this next to Robbie William's "Angels".



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