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Holly Is The Enemy by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 1st April 2003.


Holly Is The Enemy

By Various Artists

For years the beguiling Holly Hernandez has charmed this scribe through her 'Demo Hell' column in the Melody Maker and more latterly the NME. Not merely for her obvious feminine charms either, but for her acerbic, no-holds-barred attitude in her reviews of the first (sometimes faltering) demos that unsigned acts so willingly inflict upon her. At last Holly has achieved the recognition she so richly deserves for her selfless work in the field of rock journalism. Cast as some kind of anti-hero and courtesy of MMM Productions, Holly now has her own compilation album.

Self-styled 'entrepreneur and wannabe millionaire' and Keighley lad Mick Thompson is the man behind this release and a big wheel in the burgeoning Keighly scene with his label boasting acts such as Nosebone, Circus? and Breene. For this latest various artists set, it seems as though Mick has assembled tracks from bands that have recently undergone the Holly Hernandez treatment. Here's what we made of them:

Montauk Island: 'In With The Wrong Crowd': Despite a name taken from the site of the Philadelphia Experiment during WWII and five years experience under the belt, leading lights of the Keighley scene Montauk Island prove something of a disappointment. This is a lightweight stool-ish rock song with somewhat OTT vocals for the track. All very demo-ey, which we suppose is the general idea with this LP anyway.

Calimero: 'Tellin' Me': From down the road in Lincoln this four piece take influences from Doves, Charlatans, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Grandaddy. Fusing distorted vocals with pleasing, if a tad Ben Folds-ey, keys and assorted electronica FX they fall somewhat short of challenging The 22:20's for dominance of the Lincoln scene.

Sgray: 'Little Star': An intriguing blend of poppy punk and motiveless anti-hippy fury. Sample lyrics: "There's too many hippies in the field / And all of these hippies are making me sick / They're just like demons / You just can't kill". Catchy but very odd at the same time.

The Bexleys: 'Death To The Shaker': Taut sub-Jam perky punk that comes screeching to a halt frighteningly fast.

Curly Circus: 'Funkwash': Hold on, how did this creep in? A complete change of direction after all the alt/indie/punk gubbins going before it, we have soulful boy-girl uplifting funk meanders through to a middle section featuring a, wait for it, we couldn't believe it either... a flute solo. How incongruous with the rest. Very good all the same.

Missed Her Bliss: 'All That Happened After': A trio from witch country on the other side of the Pennines who have more menace than the chap in the stripy jumper in The Beano, but take over four minutes of samey staccato strumming to reach their predictably noisy climax. Incendiary stuff but a tad predictable.

Erasermen: 'Goodbye Dear Tits': Curveball twisted Italian alternative weirdness with, ye gads, more flute.

George Feathers: 'Careful With Those Landmines Ma'am': A short, electronica-ish ode to Princess Di interspersed with the eulogy from the funeral service. Surely Elton was enough.

Nikk Gunns: 'Movin' On': A chap with a name that wouldn't look out of place in the lineup of either Motley Crue or LA Guns in the mid-80's and seemingly going for the cheesiest lyrics in rock award. Sample: "One man's right is another man's wrong / Don't look back keep movin 'on." Sheer Camenbert.

Mmmunks of Future Music: 'Rubber Soul': Mark and Lard would be saying "We know a Beatles album about that" to this song. They wouldn't be saying much else.

Junkster: You+Me+Us: Empty sounding strum-a-thon with dismally mundane lyrics.

Babygrace: In My Mind: Sweeping synthy dance in a Lanterns/Garbage-y mould, definitely one of the best of a patchy bunch.



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On 19th February 2013 at 16:27 Anonymous 42427 wrote...

Cheers Mister Dave Sugden.....10 years ago you reviewed a release on my label...got me thinking.....so mmmproductions or maybe DEAD SOBER RECORDS might be making a re-appearence.



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