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Session 49 by Nevertheless

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Reviewed on 29th July 2004.


Session 49

By Nevertheless

Nevertheless are a student band influenced by Keane, Coldplay, Idlewild and Snow Patrol. Bios like this usually mean that they are basically a tribute act to these bands. Thankfully Nevertheless have instead thrown in enough of their own ideas to stop this being the case.

"No Way Back" gently opens the EP and immediately displays the kind of emotion that many signed bands struggle to capture over a whole album. This can be put down to lead vocalist Dan Critchlow's ability to convey his feeling so well with his high pitched squeals and genuine sincerity. After a slow intro the song then erupts into an upbeat indie rock-fest which is about as loud as Hope of the State's "The Red, The White, The Black, The Blue."

Second song "Session 49" has elements of Snow Patrol and sees the band moving back and forth from moments of pure indie gold to times of Snow Patrol plagiarism. It is also apparent that the production on this EP is not the best but the strength of the songs is enough to pull it through the haziness.

"Lullaby" is the band's equivalent to Coldplay's "Yellow" and could easily get any crowd going with its plodding beat and cymbal slapping percussion. There's also the raw guitars that beef up the track and create a fitting ending to a half decent EP.



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