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The Shite Album by Mybe

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Reviewed on 1st August 2004.


The Shite Album

By Mybe

This surprisingly appropriately named CD from pop-punk trio Mybe, proved to be rather less than I had hoped for. Let me begin by saying that if you are not a fan of the type of music that is generally associated with the theory 'the louder the better', contains very little musical ingenuity and is performed by three hairy young men from Dronfield, this may not be the CD for you.

The six track E.P begins with 'Soap Opera Story', throughout which (and most of the other tracks as it happens), an insanely repetitive guitar combines with raucous lyrics - it is impossible to identify whether these lyrics are out of tune intentionally to add to the effect or not. This poor choice of opening song makes you contemplate giving up before you begin. The second track, 'Queen for a Weekend' doesn't prove much better, however with it's unique, catchy and amusing introduction, 'Dumbing Down' managed to muster up a little interest in me, and although it rapidly became just another loud clichéd pop punk track, I thought the track altogether was promising, and proved to be the best on the album. This was more than likely due to an obvious tightness within the band which made the song develop into something you would find stuck in your head throughout the day rather than something you would desperately attempt to forget. Saying that, you would expect this standard throughout the whole album from a band who have been together for over 8 years.

Mybe could never be considered particularly individual, as their style matches that of many small bands you find playing in the back room of a pub to a group of skanking teenagers. Despite its faults, including the poor recording, the less than imaginative lyrics, and the fact that the whole thing can become very tedious if listened to for more than about ten minutes, it's the sort of music that gets people on their feet, for which they must be given due credit. It is very much a matter of taste, for what they appear to be aiming for, a simple but fun style of music that will appeal to the younger generation of pop punk lovers who like it loud, it's perfect, but if you don't fit into this category, it might not be quite to your taste. I would highly recommend you see this band live as I should imagine this would be altogether a more enjoyable experience.



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On 1st August 2004 at 12:40 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

the band should have called it the good album


On 2nd August 2004 at 09:56 Anonymous 1055 wrote...

Pointless review of pointless record. Don't people realise there's a war on?


On 2nd August 2004 at 11:58 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

There is?


On 4th August 2004 at 10:24 Anonymous 3025 wrote...

Why review an album which is 3 years old? Especially when they released a far better EP in 2003... makes no sense


On 4th August 2004 at 10:50 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Maybe its a new reviewer who had to review a cd of theirs to show that they can actually write a review.


On 4th August 2004 at 11:03 Anonymous 1200 wrote...

Why can't you review it if it's old?


On 4th August 2004 at 11:04 Anonymous 3025 wrote...

well they should have done the newer one, that band has been trying hard for years, the most recent EP is superb and they got a record deal off of it, so idiots reviewing 3 year old work destroys any hope of people reading this review ever giving them a chance


On 4th August 2004 at 12:09 Dave LMS wrote...

Maybe they didn't have the newer one. What makes 2003 "new" anyway? It's all relative. Si & PC are correct, in that a) yes, new writer and b) we don't have a restriction on how long after a CD is released before we review it.
Just as shops still sell "old" CDs, the world doesn't stop.


On 4th August 2004 at 13:02 Anonymous 3025 wrote...

maybe email the band for the newer one? the fact is the band has improved a lot since that cd was made, so everyone seeing this review has a poor view of them because of an old cd?


On 4th August 2004 at 13:14 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Bands don't always give out free cds. Some make you pay. Watch....

Mr Gomm can I have a free copy of your album?


On 4th August 2004 at 18:00 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

See no response



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