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Guilty by The Rasmus

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Reviewed on 6th August 2004.



By The Rasmus

Proving that the Finn's know gothic pop better than the rest of their European counterparts, The Rasmus come back with another single after their massive hit, and massively fucking annoying 'In The Shadows' (wouldn't it be great if that song was a tribute to Cliff Richard?).

So here we go again with soaring choruses, dark lyrics about being in shadows all the time, and sickly smooth production. If I had to choose between this and their previous single, I'd probably just blow my brains out and have done with it.

It is pretty much the same song, except a bit harder, and a bit faster. The familiar chorus of "Guilteeeeeee, whoaaaaa oh whoa oh ohhhh" is blindingly similar to some cock rock a la Bon Jovi or something, and the verses go along pretty much the same lines, except it's quieter and with no guitar.

Hmmmm... Something troubles me about this. Maybe it's because I know I'll hear it on every radio station and every music television station up and down the country, or maybe it's because it's trying so hard to be gothic and dark, when really it's just power pop. You can just see the hordes of 13 year old girls queuing up to buy this at your local HMV. Finland, you have a lot to answer for...



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On 6th August 2004 at 11:46 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

I'm sorry but this is an amazing song and the Rasmus are a great band. Maybe you just don't get them gav.


On 6th August 2004 at 16:12 Anonymous 1200 wrote...

You're a sick man, Si - the rasmus are foul. They are more plastic than an inflatable guitar, which they probably use.

They are also of massive embarassment to all my finnish muso friends. Fins are often very dark and morose individuals, hence their massive alcohol consumption, so it is difficult to understand why a band who look so gothic sound so much like Busted (if Busted new all minor chords instead of all major ones.)


On 6th August 2004 at 16:49 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

I'm only messing. I don't like them really. The guy has a birds nest in his head


On 6th August 2004 at 23:52 Anonymous 1200 wrote...

you love them, everyone knows it. You're their biggest fan, and you kiss their faces on the screen when you're watching their video which you taped off mtv, and watch on a loop all day and night and you don't even sleep cos you don't want to lose one minute of time you could be spending watching your favourite band with their singer who you are really really in love with and want to move to san fransisco with so you can legally be married to him and have babies with and make him sing his lovely songs to you for all eternity while you gaze lovingly into his cold dead eyes.


On 8th August 2004 at 12:04 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

It's all true. I'm guilty. Think I'll go hide in the Shadows.



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