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Asking For Trouble... by The Rocks

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Reviewed on 11th August 2004.


Asking For Trouble...

By The Rocks

When the vitriolic, guitars-on-amphetamines shocker of 'Eyes Wide Open' blasts you off the face of the planet, you think you're gonna be in for a drooling, acidic treat. Then it all goes to pot.

Previous single 'Can you Hear Me?' follows, where singer James Taylor demands 'Can you hear me screeeeeeeaaaaam?' once, twice, then a further 384 gazillion times. No, funnily enough, I can't, as I've skipped forward to the third track in a desperate bid to cling on to my sanity. Asking for trouble? Asking for slow and painful removal of voice-box, more like.

Here's 'We Got It' and thank God for some slick guitar work and a chorus in which you can actually decipher words! Taylor shows a new side to his voice in a smooth, seductive few seconds before launching back into his inevitable gurgle. A sudden finish gives way to another corker in the form of 'North London Nightmare' which chills and thrills amidst purely evil bass and drums. Ooh, and there's a snippet of a French lady muttering something at the end, for apparently no reason at all.

Despite being freaked out by 'I Won't Need You When You're Dead' for obvious reasons, I reckon it turns out to be surprisingly good with a romantic (well, as romantic as it can be when pitted against lyrics which include 'I smashed your f*cking head') interlude from lead guitarist Mauro Venegas.

Singalong 'Celeste' is as close to sugary as The Rocks get but it does them no harm as this proves to be the best cut on the album. Similarly, 'What Have You Done' is a teeny tiny taste of loveliness.

Overall, this record manages to create vivid images of the best party you've ever been to, with lashings of the worst one. Then you get the worst party you've ever been to, with lashings of the best one. So, basically, you end up with a fairly acceptable party but a beast of a hangover in the morning. On the CD insert is printed the statement 'Brilliant/Rubbish'. Don't say you haven't been warned.



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On 14th August 2004 at 10:22 Anonymous 2833 wrote...

It sounds less crap this time


On 14th August 2004 at 23:50 Anonymous 2832 wrote...

aye tis reight


On 16th August 2004 at 16:28 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Ace review again Miss Strain! I should become a talent scout!



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