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While The Motors Are Humming Below Us by Daniel Webster

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Reviewed on 14th August 2004.


While The Motors Are Humming Below Us

By Daniel Webster

From the very start of the first track on this eleven song record, you realise that Mr. Webster knows his quirky pop music. And boy does he...

Stand out track 'The God Of Bars' zips along at a furious pace, taking with it some quirky riffs reminiscent of a Belle And Sebastian who've listened to too much later period Velvet Underground.

That's what this record is all about - catchy riffs, strong melodies and golden harmonies.

Tracks like 'Baby Superstar', 'Angry Witches' and 'Jaggy Edged' highlight Daniel Webster's knack for a lo-fi acoustic pop song, with surprising amounts of production and quality song writing. It sounds so deliciously low key in some points, then switches it around so some of the songs sound factory made, but in a good way. Considering he gives a credit to "Dave Armstrong for the use of his 8-track", he's made great use of limited recording methods.

Webster shows another side to his song writing with the downbeat finger plucked ballads 'Saint Helena' and 'Rays On Camera' amongst others. The former (and pretty much latter too), with its swirling synth backdrop, its quiet drumming and mountains of echo on his voice, is a welcome slice of melancholy to his album of quirky indie-lite songs.

Then he does a complete U-Turn and funks things up with the wah wah-tastic 'Love And Magic', complete with blistering guitar lead, pounding funky beats and a bass line that refuses to sit still. It's obvious that Daniel has a lot of ideas, and some he pulls off with better results than others.

The trio of songs that end the record return Daniel Webster to the stripped back acoustic format, highlighting his talents as both a song writer and a lyricist. Overall Mr. Webster shows a great deal of talent here, considering this is his first stab at making a record, he's done very well indeed. The potential to make that ground breaking second record is evidenced here in droves.



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