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Governortea EP by Governortea

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Reviewed on 17th August 2004.


Governortea EP

By Governortea

A delicious 5 track EP of diverse, eclectic and electric ambiance from musical visionary Eddie Tadross a.k.a Governortea. Sounding like a sedated Trent Reznor or a sleeping Aphex Twin this experience weaves its musical spell and draws the listener into a trance like state.

"Kingbud" is awash with quirky little affects which hide behind a soft beat and huge bursts of classical piano while passion filled vocals are echoed over the top culminating in a breathtaking, heart stopping moment.

Second track "Growth and Decay" is oozing with thick layers of organ while other bizarre sounds and affects leap from left to right. The fast paced and processed electronic beats pound like a metronome to the back of your skull. As the song comes to an end it becomes coated with slow beautiful strings that lead into "She won't care" which is so laidback it's almost an audio daydream.

"The Game" is riddled with tribal beats and would have easily fitted anywhere on "The Fragile" by Nine Inch Nails. Such is the depth of each song that it must have taken an age to perfect every little sound and effect. This record reveals something new on every further listen.

Final track "Inner Peace" is the warm down after a sprint. It gives you time to reflect on what you have just heard and leaves you confident that this EP is something very special indeed.



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