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Untitled by Serotonin (Hampshire)

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Reviewed on 17th August 2004.



By Serotonin (Hampshire)

To quote the band's press release, "Serotonin are exactly what their name suggests, a sudden rush of euphoria to the senses to put it simple, Serotonin ROCK."

Well they are almost right, but I wouldn't have put the word rock in capitals. Serotonin rock but they don't ROCK.

"Jenny takes the line" is a melodic treat with a chorus that you'll occasionally catch yourself singing from time to time. Huge crunching guitars backed up by bass lines so big they should have a wide load sign attached to them.

"Intent" hits you like a rubber bullet. It bloody hurts but it won't kill you. The big riffs and the pounding of drums are hard hitting but there's plenty of bands out there that are firing real musical bullets that will cause of lot more damage. They will draw blood, Serotonin will only leave a big red mark.

Final track "Vision" seems to run along the same lines as the rest of its musical brothers though it does have a tremendous solo that could result in an air guitar response from anyone lucky enough to listen.




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