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Reviewed on 20th August 2004.



By Dangerlust

You can't help but like sleazy, filthy rock and roll. Just slap it in your CD player, sit back and nod your head in admiration.

Here we have 3 tracks of bedroom recordings. Well the bedroom must be a bloody, sweat covered mess from having Dangerlust rocking out all over the place.

"King of the World" hails from the same school of song writing as the Wildhearts. Huge waling vocals and a bass line that bumps and tumbles like a car hurtling over a speed bump at 18 miles per hour.

"Something New" reels you in with its huge hooks and riffs and the vocalist's Sheffield accent is ever present especially when she sings the word done. While many bands hide their roots under an American twang these guys are Yorkshire and proud.

"Lie" is the lighters in the air, stadium rock moment. A song so wide that you could park three trucks in the space. A slow build up that concludes with a good old fashioned rock finale.

Sean Bean would be proud.



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