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Picture of Perfect Youth by Feeder

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Reviewed on 22nd August 2004.


Picture of Perfect Youth

By Feeder

Feeder have made the right decision here I think. Four albums into their career many bands (or record labels perhaps) would go for the cash cow 'Greatest Hits' album. Here though we have a 36-track limited edition double CD or triple vinyl collection of B-sides. Something fans will surely appreciate rather than a repackaged collecion of songs they already have on the albums (see Guns n Roses).

It's Feeders fans that are probably responsible for the band still being here. Feeder have lingered on the periphery of being huge without quite making it. In this harsh climate many labels have gotten rid of bands in similar positions. So I guess Feeder are lucky that Echo seem very supportive and that they have a passionate fanbase, which is clearly respected by the band if only because of th fact they are still here when many bands would have jacked it all in after going through what Feeder have.

Overall this collection represents Feeder's slightly softer side and really provides a showcase for just how good a song writer Grant Nicholas is and how wonderful a voice he has. Songs such as 'Rain' and 'Undivided' carry a real weight and beauty as Nicholas' voice shines through with a softness that contrasts with the raw darkness of 'Bullet. Even when he growls it sounds like a purr.

The band's cover of The Police's 'I Can't Stand Stand Losing' doesn't stray too much from the original and they do a fine job but the cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'The Power Of Love' glistens with an eerie fragility. Stripped away of the original's grandeur this has become a wonderful, understated and haunting tune. 'World Asleep' and 'TV Me' offer a bit more beef and gristle and of course there's 'Just A Day' which should by all accounts have been a number one single, bristling with an abundance of each element that should make up the perfect pop song and constructed with the care and dedication of an Meccano expert. If this song doesn't make you want to jump around, play air guitar, sing along or all of the above then lets hope you left enough money to buy a nice casket.

'Lose The Fear' begins with a fine chord indeed that wins you over immediately. It sums Feeder up in one moment. They are a great band indeed with an extremely talented songwriter, blessed with an individual and talented voice. The quality throughout this package is exceptional, it was a pleasant surprise as some of these songs have passed my ears before, but unfortunately passed them by also. Here together they simply glow, whether at full tilt or simmering softly Feeder craft tunes of the highest order. If this had been titled 'Greatest Hits' it would have been a lie. Had it been 'Best of...' though there may well have been a strong case to argue. Think you've heard all Feeder have to offer? Try again.



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