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Reviewed on 1st May 2003.



By Dermo

"Nice With a Pen" and "Absent Minds" are two breathless streams of rhyming weaponry from MC Dermo (known to his family as Tim Rhodes). Laid across two very listenable productions (one up, one laid back) from Chris Adams of Hood, Dermo is tightly focussed, accurately controlled aggression with a left wing brain and a great rhythmic delivery. Unlike your wannabe MC, the Dermo character rips through the format to stand clear as a real human whose words say no more and no less than he intends. No dumb rhymes for the sake of rhymes, no false notes in the choice of language. "What happened to community?" and "individual thoughts are bruising me" smack onto the mark with searing precision. The sustained and genuine urban Yorkshire accent adds real authority.

UK Hip Hop? I dunno. Not my scene.

Dermo? - an artist with a coherence and self knowledge that you won't find in The Streets. Seek him out. Real music and hard poetry in the service of very uncomfortable social attitude.



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