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All These Things That I've Done by The Killers

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Reviewed on 30th August 2004.


All These Things That I've Done

By The Killers

The Killers are probably the most aptly-named band around at the moment, after having whipped, bludgeoned and slayed their way across the British music scene with sharp ties and nicely-pressed trousers. Longing vocals, courtesy of (presumably) the most attractively-scented man in rock, Brandon Flowers, spread themselves like honey over piano and organ before a chiming guitar riff slices through the mood perfectly, making way for the stop-start stutterings of "You know, you know, no, you don't, you don't..." and the low, broody, "Yeah, you know you gotta help me out..."

Then it all gets so much better, in the following way:

1) Staccato clicks pour forth from Dave Keuning's electric guitar;
2) Quite a small, unassuming man starts to sing with the confidence of a foghorn;
3) Mr. Keuning with the guitar starts throwing about tantalising offbeat jerky bits;
4) A large collection of gospel singers join in with a chant which manages, miraculously, not to be annoying when blasted out on a rain-soaked campsite at 4am. If I do not stop announcing "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier" by the onset of 2005 I'm going to seek medical help.

The smart, sophisticated members of this Las Vegas clan have formed some sort of sect in which only the most infectious music known to man can be created and then unleashed upon the unsuspecting public. It's all a conspiracy, I tell you!



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On 31st August 2004 at 21:40 Anonymous 2539 wrote...

I don't know what to reckon really, but maybe in around 2 years we will probably look back on this album and not think its worth 4 stars. taking it beyond the 3 star rating always makes me sceptical.


On 1st September 2004 at 12:49 Anonymous 883 wrote...

there are better songs on the album than this one. it's odd that they've decided to release this, as tracks like 'on top', 'jenny...' or even 'smile like you mean it' are a lot better and more accessable. silly killers.


On 1st September 2004 at 20:14 Anonymous 2832 wrote...

Yeah, I have to say I wasn't too keen on this one at first after having heard 'Jenny...'. First time I heard 'All The Things...' I thought it sounded a bit spliced together and made up of a bunch of different sections that didn't quite work, but it just grew and grew on me. To be honest, I really didn't see the hype around The Killers at all at first, and it took me months to be convinced to buy the album. They probably won't be around in a couple of years but I think they've managed to really capture something this summer, a case of being in the right mood at the right time I s'pose, but I get the horrible feeling it's gonna date really badly and in a while we'll be wondering what we thought was so great about it...

There is something so crazily confident about them though, which I like. Volume and power...more bands need the conviction of these guys.


On 2nd September 2004 at 09:55 Anonymous 251 wrote...

I've seen The Killers live twice now, was very disappointed at the Cockpit but they were much better at the Leadmill. I still think they are weighed down by Jenny, Mr Brightside and Somebody Told Me though. Hard when you write 3 songs as good as that to write a full albums worth to match.


On 16th March 2005 at 06:33 Anonymous 3966 wrote...

I must disagree with alot of the comments made in this forum. I think everything about this band is ultra cool! They've really grown on me and i must admit there's not a single song on this cd i don't appreciate. Will i be listening to them 6 months from now? Hell yes!



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