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Halldor Laxness by Minus

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Reviewed on 3rd September 2004.


Halldor Laxness

By Minus

Minus are currently one of Iceland's biggest bands and are tipped to soon become their biggest export, and after a stunning performance on the main stage at Leeds and Reading this year, things seem to be going in the right direction.

There's no mistaking the Guns and Roses influence here and although the album can drag in places, from the confident opener 'Boys of Winter' to the closing 'Last Leaf Upon the Tree' with haunting Tori Amos-esque guest vocals the songs are surprisingly heavy throughout while still keeping it melodic with awesome drumming, killer hooks and vocals which ooze that 80's Rock Star attitude.

Whether you want to or not, this is one band your bound to hear soon.



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On 3rd September 2004 at 23:19 Anonymous 883 wrote...

I interviewed Frosti from Mínus, check it out! they fuckin rock.


On 4th September 2004 at 12:04 Anonymous 89 wrote...

i don't understand why this has been reviewed when it came out so long ago, great album though


On 4th September 2004 at 13:38 Dave LMS wrote...

Because the writer wished to review it I guess, we don't have any rules here and the team can submit whatever reviews they wish...



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