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This Silence by Milf

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Reviewed on 1st May 2003.


This Silence

By Milf

Milf have advanced a lot since I first heard an early demo of theirs. The ear for melody and driving guitars which was evident back then has stuck with them and has developed into a rather appealing wall of sound. Milf are heavily influenced by Muse, nothing wrong in that! but it is questionable whether the world needs another Muse covers band and a few less impressions by singer Matt Higgins of Matthew Bellamy would convince that there was enough fresh ideas in Milf rather than borrowed ones.

The 3 tracks here are all set to hard rockin high adrenalin. Opener "With you" is the strongest of the three and certainly the most memorable. As is the case through out it is probably a bit longer than it needs to be but the cool backing vocals lift the chorus and song far above the ordinary. "Day by day" is more of the same but struggles to match the catchiness of it's predecessor. Title track "This silence" is Muse-esque overdrive time, including as it does the arpeggio style keyboard playing common to many of the bands recent songs. It's a solid performance to end the CD but just misses the final push.

Milf are a talented young band making all the right noises at the right time, in so much as they have plenty of time ahead of them to develop what is already a strong sound. Taking it to that next level should include forcing the likes of me in to not making such easy comparisons to already well established artists.



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