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Hymns For The Living Dead by Geisha

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Reviewed on 5th September 2004.


Hymns For The Living Dead

By Geisha

Well those people over at Blood Red Sounds have done it again. Yet another unique and bizarre musical find from the soon to be legendary Bristol based record label.

"Hymns For The Living Dead" is a 4 track kick in the teeth. Melodic white noise and distortion that culminates in a sound so soul shaking that even Satan would run home and cry to mummy with tears flowing from his eyes and a brown stain on his goat fur covered rear.

Fans of metal will revel in the sheer terror that this band inflict with their desire to make your ears bleed. Listening to tracks such as "Year of the one armed drummer" and "How far is nowhere (version)" is similar to having your head taped to a speaker at a Motorhead gig. When it's all over there's a ringing in your ears and you can't hear shit. This EP should carry a government health warning or at least come with a pair of ear plugs.

Geisha must be applauded from their desire to cause so much havoc. The chances of this being lapped up by the mainstream is about as likely as Mortiis appearing in an advert for the Gap. Their desire to push their music to the extreme must be commended and I urge everyone to check them out. For some people this is sound that will scare you to death. While other people will revel in the sheer chaos and destruction of a band wrapped in their own desire to tear apart any convention of what we thought the word loud actually meant.

I just hope they don't have amps that go up to 11.



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On 5th September 2004 at 12:49 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Where for the love of God is the fancy recommend star that should go with this review???


On 5th September 2004 at 12:53 Dave LMS wrote...

There you go...


On 5th September 2004 at 13:04 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

I was worried for a minute there.




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