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Reviewed on 9th September 2004.



By The Koreans

The Koreans are a divided bunch. Their sound is an attempted amalgamation of sensible guitar rock and Kasabian style electronica. Sadly, it falls flat in delivery, charting MOR rock and DOA roll to produce a largely inoffensive template.

The press release doesn't help much either, describing their music as a "balance of early Rolling stones and New Order's electro disco beats". As far as outlandish claims is concerned, it's right up there with saying to Tyson junior, "My dad's harder than your dad".

It's not bad, in fact some bits bop along nicely and almost force the foot to edge towards a tap. But it lacks the adrenaline-fuelled kicks of a Chikinki or the avant-garde fun of Add N to X, while the rock side simply chugs along.

"How does it feel" starts brightly, its shimmering guitars warming as the vocals touch down. But the whole thing dissolves in a blur of inactivity, leaving you feeling, well, a bit warm, a bit wet and a bit, well, nothing really.

The guitars neither inspire nor stand out on "Still strung out" while the electronics sound like they've been left in storage on "Machine code." Maybe if The Koreans decided on a united plot to take over the world using all out rock or disco machine guns then we might sit up and listen. Till then, divided they fall.



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