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Reviewed on 1st May 2003.



By The Skins

Aaaaghh yet another "The ....s" band, but wait what's this? No disaffected vocals, no New York / Detroit attitude, no heroin references. How dare they brazenly wear the "The ....s" tag and produce music that sounds like a 1960's lost John Lennon demo. There is little to tell about The Skins as the information provided about them is as full as the production sound of this two track offering i.e. non existent. It took me four listens to realise there was actually a bass player in the band. Clearly he/she is hated and was recorded out of sight in the next room. "Switch you off" is a rockabilly classic, rock & roll in its purest rin-tin-tinny guitar form. It does no more than it needs to, to be a great little tune, totally out of time but a great little tune. "Without you" struggles to live up to it's predecessor but continues with the Mersey beat theme. Other than The Beatles, there's less dusty records ala The Coral and The La's tucked somewhere away in The Skins collection. Who this will appeal with it's treble tastic thin production and totally outdated sound is anyone's guess and maybe a broadening of horizons will eventually be required.



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On 25th May 2003 at 08:37 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Neat job I'd say. This 'demo' (the truth can now be told) was actually a recording made for fun in 1982. It was done in a 'proper' recording studio, but the copy you heard had been stored for 21 years on a cheap cassette and transferred recently to a CD-R. It is a bit alarming to see that it still got more stars than many much more recent demos from bands who have all that history to benefit from but who still manage to turn out codswallop. The hated bass player was ...how could you have known? But I still don't forgive you for getting it so right... me. The other band members were good musicians, one of whom is still very much in the business.



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