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Reviewed on 13th September 2004.



By The Composers

Bloody hell. A band who site The Beach Boys as influences are hard to come by nowadays... Thankfully The Composers aren't one of those bands who say someone is an influence when in reality only have one song on mp3 which they kinda like. Judging from their songs, it's obvious that 'Pet Sounds' is in their collection. Of course they don't come close to matching Mr Wilson and his tour de force masterpiece, but then again, who does?

Eight songs of glittering harmonies, strummed guitars, and lovely songs. Imagine a sort of Pavement side project where they went a bit more poppy, and with more keyboards and you're in the same ball park. Or The Shins as they're currently known. Eccentric lyrics about snooker cues (from the beautifully warped 'Evacuate London') and almost lifting the chorus from 'Come As You Are' by Nirvana, but sounding a million miles removed ('The Fix').

It's highly polished, accomplished and sounds like a beautiful mash of styles. 'Cowboy of the Opera' could well be the sort of Steeley Dan-esque mainstream FM rock ditty that rockets them into the mainstream, and I hope it does, because it's melodic, anthemic and bloody good. It's good, but with the added twist of being just that little bit weird. Like Aqualung once said, it's strange and beautiful.

Dan Edelstyn's vocals are a brilliantly languid drawl that brings to mind a certain Mr Jarvis Cocker of another rather eccentric pop group, but even more downbeat. I defy you to listen to 'The Vein Jane Blues' and not fall instantly for that chorus and the beautifully melancholic strums of the verses.

In a word, lovely.



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