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Reviewed on 15th September 2004.



By Vector Lovers

Imagine Aldous Huxley wrote Bladerunner and released a soundtrack to the robotic chaos, a time warp of beats and melodies, a paean to the twisted funk of the future where the red neon lights twinkle with menace and robots rule OK (computer).

Well, Soma, Huxley's mythical drug and Scotland's finest purveyors of beats have released Robot Love. It's an orgy of calculated synths and casual filth which soundtracks 10 horny robots getting laid and drunk and returning to square the square root of 1 with an insatiable urge to do it again.

Drawing on slices of Mylo's masterpiece and fusing Luke Vibert's Warped beats, it takes the electronic imprint and runs with it, bringing real vitality and warmth to what can be a calculating and number crunching business. The album kicks off with Martin Wheeler, AKA Vector Lovers, paying homage to the manga inspired world he so clearly yearns after as the slo-mo and wonderfully titled "Tokyo Glitterati" draws you in.

But "Funk and Droid" and "Electrosuite" really nail it, the wonderfully complex rhythms grabbing you by the balls and giving you an education in robot manoeuvres that would leave R2D2 blushing. The grinding funk clashes brilliantly with the callous exterior leaving you exhausted and your synapsed wires fused together in a tangled heap. Thankfully, "Kissed you by the fountain" lowers you into an ethereal world inhabited by the majestic Boards of Canada while "Lake Nocturne" is as serene as it sounds; the calm after the tempestuous storm, the warm cuddle after robot love.

By blending metronomic intensity and furious funk, Robot Love is currently the most original sound on the house market and surely heralds a brave new world.



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