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Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse

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Reviewed on 21st September 2004.


Butterflies and Hurricanes

By Muse

With this the (probably) last single from 'Absolution' Muse have simply outdone themselves yet again. No-one, has ever managed to combine all the pomp-rock, anthemic class of Queen, the quasi-gothic ambience of, well, goth-rock and the majesty of a Chopin concerto in such an accessible manner. In under five minutes as well.

Synths, strings, soaring vocals and searing rhythms; this song has seriously got it all. Muse are, without a doubt, the face, the sound and soul of modern British rock music. Inventive, original and with Mr Bellamy's slightly unique vitriol, 'Butterflies and Hurricanes' is Muse at their untouchable best. Stadium rock is coming back, but not as we once knew it. With this song you might as well say it's here already.



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On 21st September 2004 at 12:11 Anonymous 2602 wrote...

Hmmm, nothing like a balanced view. Personally, I think it's a bit of a boring record. It's not rubbish but there's nothing in it Muse haven't done better themselves before and if this is the sound of "untouchable" guitar music in 2004, it comes to no surprise to me that people are still buying (better, more complex) Britney records. I like the disco-esque groove, but the melody isn't exactly ear-catching, the chorus is singularly anti-climactic and the piano finale is no more than lazy pastiche.


On 21st September 2004 at 14:16 Anonymous 2581 wrote...

Well. For a start, which other British guitar based group do you know that can sell platinum records, make innovative music, release songs in never before known formats (u-myx) and generally be a top quality band, with no bullshit in the works? No other bands right now in the British scene, make chartworthy music that no one else hasnt done before, save Radiohead, and that's simply it.



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