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Ambulance Fever by The Fencott Disaster

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Reviewed on 21st September 2004.


Ambulance Fever

By The Fencott Disaster

Shout, scream, whine, loud, fast, stop, start, feedback, riff, rock, ravage, thrash. That's The Fencott Disaster in 12 words. Make no mistake; this is exactly what it says on the tin. The songs on this EP surprise me in no way whatsoever considering the brief biog that came with the disc. Influences include Shellac, The Stooges and bands from labels like Buddyhead and Constellation. Do these influences manifest themselves in the rabid punk-rock on offer? Certainly so, to the nth degree in fact. Whilst sound reasonably well produced from the original 8 track, analogue, reel to reel recording, none of the four songs impress me in the slightest. What does impress is the fact that they've played with The Icarus Line, the lucky devils. But its no wonder really as they sound as The Icarus Line do, sing as they do, and play as they do. No points for originality then.

However, it you are a fan of the 70's punk / post hardcore hybrid, with all the methodical faltering of a bumper-car ride, then The Fencott Disaster can deliver it to your ears, caustically brazen, screeching without a single blemish. Personally, I'd rather not bother, but instead, take a warm, relaxing bath to the sound of panpipes or whale calls. No really.



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