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The Prisons Of Language by Greenland

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Reviewed on 21st September 2004.


The Prisons Of Language

By Greenland

Slick chase scenes, slow-mo Kung-fu and pivotal movie scenarios flicker through my wandering mind. No, I am not under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs but I am listening to Greenland's 'Prison's of Language' 4 track EP. The mammoth sound emulated by the 3 piece from 'the land down under' is chock-a-block full of intensity and promise and as I listen, my brain intermingles this post-rock noise with images and projections. What I see in my head and what I hear from the speakers works very well together and I can imagine this music being used successfully with visual aids.

Greenland's music alleviates from being caressing and gentle to brutal and fierce. These climatic changes are achieved in a vivacious and rousing manner and the best example of this is shown on the 1st track of the EP 'The Amps Have Eyes'.

As each track unfolds around oscillating riffs or repetitive chord structures, building up to crescendos that mainly consist of distorted, sonorous guitars, the immediate beauty unfortunately veers down a gloomy and wayward path. The tracks drag on and lack structure and content to occupy the full interest of the listener. Greenland seem to be churning out tracks around startling ideas, that blossom in intensity but leave you feeling greater things could be achieved. Snippets of this EP are lavished with beauty, depth and promise but I'm afraid Greenland's music is unfortunately too much of a good thing.



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