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Gold Rush by Geezers of Nazareth

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Reviewed on 22nd September 2004.


Gold Rush

By Geezers of Nazareth

Geezers of Nazareth is irrefutably the worst band name I've ever seen. There is nothing clever or witty about this name and anything associated with the word Geezer is inexplicable and makes me want to vomit blood. It is very arduous to take a band with such a crap name seriously and I hope for their own sake they change it quickly. Fortunately for Geezers of Nazareth their music does not totally reflect their pitiful name.

Their new 3 track single "Gold Rush" released on Bored? records is a soda steam of pop, bubbling with acoustic guitars, cleansed electro bass lines that are neatly flavoured with the vocals of Barney Reynolds and the artistic input of Adrian Meehan. They show audacity to be flippantly main stream and with the current state of the pop charts (without being entirely derogatory to the Geezers) there is no reason why a track like "Gold Rush" could not reach the top 40. However, this is nothing more than a mediocre, softhearted pop track scarce of any meaning or sophistication. It just plods along and does not evoke any emotion or feelings but then again I suppose that is what a lot of pop music is. The second track on the single is "Gold Rush" again but this time is the full version (track 1 is the radio edit) and there is not much to differentiate the two versions except that track 1 is 16 seconds shorter and apparently more radio friendly.

"Hard Bloke" is the last track on the single and sounds like a geezer wanting to plug his eclectic musical tastes by trying to sing a reggae song. The subject of the song is a Hard Bloke, a title which is fittingly coherent with the bands name and it is nothing more than mind-numbingly boring. The track focuses around a obvious and clichéd reggae bass line and there is nothing good about this track apart from the end.

Geezers of Nazareth are not at a dead end and I am positive people will like the single "Gold Rush". It is well produced and delivered professionally on record and with a few alterations (especially the name) these guys could do OK.



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